Clothes Steamer vs Iron?

I was never any good at ironing, but I did used to enjoy ironing bed sheets for my mum when I was little. But give me a shirt and check on me 20 minutes later; I will still be struggling to get the creases out, because I make creases DURING my ironing.

So, introducing the steamer... This is my salvation. I didn't bother with a professional one, I bought a good one according to reviews, but it was by no means the "best". It is a portable, travel steamer and I must say I didn't hold out much hope for it until I steamed my first shirt. (It is the "PureSteam portable fabric steamer" below).

I have included some other more professional types of steamer along with some travel steamers that made my shortlist. Click on the pictures and you will be taken to consumer reviews and ratings and you can also do your own price comparison too.